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Medallion Technical Update- Spring 2016


The potential for a greater-than-normal occurrence of microdochium patch (often referred to as “pink snow mould" when it occurs in conjunction with snow cover) is very high this spring. The unseasonably warm late-fall and early-winter, combined with rains and snowmelts in some regions could have dissipated any winter protectant fungicides that were applied during a typical late-fall or early-winter timeframe. Microdochium patch is favored by the cool, moist conditions that dominated the fall and early winter which would have increased the disease pressure, and could have dissipated snow mold protection, particularly if it was applied early in the fall.

The result of the compromised fungicides in combination with an extended period of conditions that would be considered ideal for microdochium patch last fall has created an elevated risk of a significant amount of it as the snow cover recedes this spring. If the spring conditions are also very cool, wet and conducive to microdochium patch then the disease severity may worsen before it improves, particularly given the reality that active microdochium patch can be transferred to healthy turf by golfer or mower traffic.

In a situation where active disease is apparent and conditions are conducive to microdochium patch infection commencing or continuing, then Medallion is the ideal chemistry for control:

  • Fludioxonil, the active ingredient in Medallion, is the highest rated chemistry against microdochium patch. The only chemistry receiving a 4 out of 4 rating in the Chemical Control of Turfgrass Diseases from Dr. Vincelli.
  • As a contact fungicide, Medallion will begin to work as soon as it is applied, even in cold temperatures with no time lag for the product to be absorbed which will be limited in cold temperatures.
  • The Contact+ technology in Medallion will keep the protection from being compromised by rainfall and will protect any uninfected turf from spores that are transferred by golfer or mower traffic.
  • An early season Medallion application will also provide protection against spring outbreaks of leaf spot or anthracnose.

Application Information
Medallion is applied at 60mL /100 m2 in 2 to 8L of water/100 m2.