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  Welcome to the Primo Maxx® Fairway Calculator.

This calculator will assist you in determining your labour re-allocation and machinery cost re-allocation through the use of Primo Maxx.

* Identifies fields requiring input before you can calculate re-allocation.

*Acres of fairways acres  
*How long does it take to mow all your fairways? hours  
*How many fairway units do you use?    
*How many days a week do you mow?    
*Approximately how many weeks a year do you mow?    
*How many days would you like to remove from your fairway mowing program?  
*Employee wage for fairway mower / hour  
*Your fuel cost per litre    
*Rate of Primo Maxx mL/100 m2  
*Primo Maxx cost per case  
* How many fairway applications of Primo Maxx are you planning to make?  
* What is your annual fairway mower parts cost/unit (Industry avg is $3000)    
*What is your mechanics annual salary? / yr  
* How many maintenance hrs/yr does your mechanic spend on each unit ?  
What is today's purchase price per fairway unit?    
Equipment life expectancy years