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Update on Proposed Amendment to the Chlorothalonil Re-Evaluation Decision

Now that the public comment period has closed, we would like to provide you with a quick update on the status of the proposed amendment to the chlorothalonil re-evaluation decision.

Specifically, we want to let you know that the Syngenta response to re-evaluation note REV2016-06 (Amendment to the Proposed Re-evaluation Decision) was submitted to PMRA ahead of the June 10th deadline for submissions.

It will take several months for the PMRA to review the information they have received.

Previously, the PMRA has indicated it anticipates making a final decision regarding the re-evaluation of chlorothalonil by March 2018.

We will update you accordingly based on any relevant new information as it becomes available. In the meantime, the status of chlorothalonil is unchanged.

Should you have any questions on this subject, please contact a Syngenta Turf Specialist.

Thank you for your support of the Syngenta business.